Everything is possible

Just shape your dog!

Do you want to teach your dog something in a positive way, but does he barely or not at all offer the behaviour you want? Shaping is an ideal method to solve that problem. You reward every step in the direction of the desired behaviour. 

As you may suspect, it is not always easy to apply this method correctly. Your accuracy and experience are important to be able to read the small variations in the behaviour. Would you like to be supported in this? Then you can certainly turn to Canifit! 

  • Physical and mental stimulation
  • Very positive way of thinking
  • Learning to assess and steer your dog
  • Stimulating the self-esteem of your dog to grow
  • With shaping you can really learn anything!

We offer lectures, basic sequences, group lessons and private lessons so that everyone can process it in their own way. For the beginners we offer lessons in which the focus lies on learning the method. Both the dogs and the handler will have to be taught how to shape a behaviour. The advanced handlers can use this foundation to do tricks, basic exercises, sportspecific exercises and much more.

The lessons are offered privately or in group. To guarantee the quality of the lessons, the groups consist of a maximum of 5 teams. The group lessons are given weekly. During the lessons we will mention what can be practised at home. This will be different per team, as each dog and handler will process steps in their own way and pace.

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  • Theory
  • Questions
  • Practice
  • !! Without Dog !!

Master your skills!

Shape yourself before you shape your dog

During this interactive meeting you will get information about what shaping exactly means. 

There will be clarification on how to use the clicker, your clicker word, your reward and your dog. You will also get information about how important the right timing is, what you may and may not do and how to announce the start and end of a shaping session. There is a short test round provided so that everyone goes home with a first experience. 

We promise you a lot of knowledge, but certainly also laughing fits! Are you curious? Then definitely take part!



150/8 lessons
  • 1x/week
  • 8 weeks
  • Max 4 dogs/groups
  • Online Feedback
  • 02/04/2019 – 28/05/2019: 19h30 – 20h30

No lessons on 14/05/2019 

  • 20/02/2019 – 10/04/2019: 18h – 19h


  • 17/04/2019 – 19/06/2019: 18h – 19h

No lessons on 24/03/2019 & 15/05/2019

Master your skills!

Shape yourself while you shape your dog

The lessons consist of theory and practice parts.

The first lesson you will get a short explanation about the basics of shaping and we’ll introduce the method to your dog. Throughout the sequence, specific exercises will be used so that you can master the basic principles of shaping yourself. It will always be explained how the exercise is built up and what you need to pay attention to. Then you will get to work with your dog and you will be adjusted where necessary.

At home you can continue with the exercises from the lesson and if you film this you get feedback customized to you and your dog. The intention is that at the end of the sequence you know how you can use shaping to learn all kinds of things: tricks, basic exercises, sports specific exercises, situations you want your dog to handle in a certain way….

Shaping is only limited by your own creativity!



180/10 lessons *
  • 1x/week: Wednesday
  • 19h - 20h
  • Max 5 dogs/group
  • Subscription per lesson via Doodle
  • * Trial lesson can be paid separately

Expand your skills!

Everything is possible, just shape your dog

During these lessons you and your dog learn different things together through shaping. 

There is always mentioned how the exercise is built up. Then you can get to work with your dog and you will be guided separately, because each team has its own pace. The exercises can vary between tricks, basic exercises, sport specific exercises, requested exercises,….

Shaping is only limited by your own creativity!



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