Workshops & seminars


Workshops & seminars

We organize on a regular basis information evenings, lectures, seminars and workshops related to the different training disciplines. The information evenings and lectures take place without a dog, the seminars and workshops always contain a limited number of places for handlers and an unlimited number of places for spectators.

Own offer

  • Does Your Dog Really Know Its Body?
  • Shape Your Brain Before You Shape Your Dog
  • Speed & Motivation
  • Focus & Self Control
  • Keeping The Sporting Dog Healthy

Van pup tot sporthond, verantwoorde conditieopbouw

by Inge Dillen – In Dutch

Over the last years Inge Dillen has placed and earned her footprint in the Belgian sport dog world. As a graduated veterinarian with further training to become a certified dog fitness trainer and years of experience in agility, shaping and fitness, she is one of the most suitable people to teach us some knowledge again. We would like to share this with you, which is why we invite you to attend her latest lecture.

This lecture is mainly about how we prepare a young dog both physically and mentally for sports. Why is it so important to give enough attention to this? When, how and what exactly do we learn so that your dog is ready to absorb the impact of the sport as much as possible? What do we need to control during the training sessions? You will get answers to all these questions and more during this interactive lecture.

Sports dogs, working dogs, companion dogs… they all benefit from good basic training! Are you ready to start working with new insights in your best friend’s training sessions? Sign up as soon as possible because the places are limited.



  • Friday 5th of April, 2019
  • 19h
  • Canifit

Focus & zelfcontrole

by Jelte Van Camp

Many dogs lose some of their attention while working. Other dogs are hyper enthusiastic on a square and lose some of their energy uselessly. Do you want your dog to do the exercises you ask of him with more focus, more endurance and much more power?

Sign up for this seminar as a spectator (+/- spare list handler).

To bring

  • Dog: drinking bowl - water - toys - candies - clicker - safe resting place (bench) - poo bags
  • Chair
  • Warm clothes



  • Max 10 teams
  • 3* 15min each team
  • FULL


  • Unlimited number
  • RESERVE LIST for handlers
  • Saturday 6th of April, 2019
  • 9h - 18h30
  • Canifit