Make a dog out of your rebel


A pup, a big step… When you decide to take a new family member home, you’ll want to give him the best start possible. Canifit is definitely an ideal tool for this. We’ll work together in groups of up to five puppies, one hour twice a week for five weeks. Our classes consist of a combination of basic education and body awareness. In the basic education we’ll mention topics such as toilet training, responsible socializing, toy motivation, clicker training, walking on a leash without pulling, recall and so much more. During the second training hour we’ll lay the foundation for the puppy’s body awareness, important for later on cause a dog with good balance and proprioception will always perform better and safer.

The lessons are offered privately or in groups. To guarantee the quality of the lessons, the groups consist of a maximum of 5 teams. All these lessons are given under the supervision of a dog trainer and veterinarian. During the lessons we will mention what can be practiced at home. This will be different for each team, as each dog and handler will process steps in their own way and pace.

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puppy course – private lessons

Puppy course

We’ll work together in groups of up to five puppies, one hour twice a week for five weeks. We’ll do one hour of basic education and the other hour we’ll stimulate him to discover his body. 

Curious for our lessons? Don’t hesitate to come to one of the introduction days! Bring your puppy, his favourite cookies and European passport.

Conditions for participation:

  • Complete questionnaire
  • Minimum age 12 weeks
  • Maximum age 20 weeks
  • Vaccination kennel cough active
  • At least 1 week with owner


If you don’t know the principle and you want to test it first, just borrow one of us.

You can bring a few different kinds of treats: puppy food, dog cookies, cheese, meat, …

Our preference goes out to tug toys, but feel free to bring some of the toys you use at home. 

Puppies tend to be a little less predictable so just prepare yourself

Bring a bowl they know

You can use a regular collar, a half check or a harness. We don’t allow chokers during our trainings. The line should be a few meters long, you can always use one of us.

Introduction days

* Subscription via mail


* Class of 15/08 will be moved to 14/08


180incl. VAT
  • 2x/week: Monday and Thursday
  • 19h - 20h
  • 5 weeks - 10 lessons
  • Max 5 puppies/group
  • Introduction class free



50/lesson incl. VAT
  • Alternating lessons basic education & body awareness
  • Online Feedback