FCI Obedience

Jeltes big passion

FCI Obedience

FCI Obedience is an international sport, which is characterized by the details and perfection in the finishing touch. I myself focus a lot on playing techniques and the basics of each exercise in different steps. My own experience teaches me that the dog shows the greatest certainty, motivation and focus. As a team you make the best progress in this way and the bond between you and your dog gets stronger and stronger.

To learn for myself I regularly follow lessons with those who continuously inspire and motivate me to train daily to perfection. I like to share this knowledge with my members.

The lessons are offered privately or in groups. To guarantee the quality of the lessons, the groups consist of a maximum of 3 teams. The group lessons are given twice a week and consist of theory and practice parts. Each team is given 20 minutes of private lessons with exercises that they would like to go into in more detail themselves. The remaining 40 minutes are followed by the other two teams. The reason why I apply this system to these lessons is because I am convinced that you learn a lot by seeing others at work with their dog, accompanied by supervision. This will be different for each team, as each dog and handler will process steps in their own way and pace.



250/10 lessons *
  • 2x/week: Tuesday and Thursday
  • 20h - 21h
  • Max 3 dogs/groupe
  • Subscription per lesson via Doodle
  • * Trial lesson can be paid separately


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