Playground? Course? Or more complicated?


The sport has grown so much in recent years and people expect a lot from their dogs without the proper preparation. Not because they don’t want to, rather because they don’t know… My goal is to make people aware of the impact of the sport on the dogs.

During the lessons a lot of attention is paid to a good foundation, technique, handling, body awareness, warming up and cooling down, … This happens in a nice positive way as if they are tricks. Once you’ve mastered all those little tricks, a course is not that difficult to run. For each lesson I look individually at each team where the focus should be. And then of course…. the most important thing of all: fun fun fun fun. The intention is that both the dog and the handler really want to do it, not only because they have to do it.

The lessons are offered privately or in groups. To guarantee the quality of the lessons, the groups consist of a maximum of 5 teams. The group lessons are given once a week. During those lessons we will mention what can be practised at home. This will be different for each team, as each dog and handler will process steps in their own way and pace.



180/10 lessons *
  • 1x/week: Wednesday
  • 20h - 21h
  • Max 5 dogs/group
  • Registration per lesson via Doodle
  • * Trial lesson can be paid separately


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