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We, Jelte and Kelly, built up experience over the years by training a lot of different dogs. Our dogs took us through all kind of disciplines which made us aware that every dog needs a good foundation. It doesn’t matter if it’s a family, service or sporting dog, they each need a thorough basic training to become a mentally & physically stable dog with the knowledge to fulfill every expectation. We both train this basis with a clicker (word) and shaping so that the dogs are stimulated to find their own way to success.

Canifit distinguishes itself from the regular dog school because it attaches importance to both the dog and the owner. We always try to find the interaction between the owner and the dog that motivates the team the most.  Our goal is to find the inner dog who  wants to work for the owner on his own initiative instead of being forced to.

To broaden our knowledge in dog training, we regularly participate in seminars of top class handlers from all over the world. With the help of our own experiences and studies, we can offer you a whole range of trainings. These different options can be found in the dropdown menu.

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Dog Trainer

Jelte trained Belgian obedience, agility, sheepherding, flyball, canicross,… with his dogs, but really lost his heart in the FCI obedience. Together with Lara he got to know the sport in detail in about three years time and already participated in several competitions. They were very successful at the international “Joop de Reus Cup” and Belgian Championships. In the summer of 2019 they will participate as vice-Belgian champion in the world championship in the Czech Republic. In recent years Jelte was already active as a dog trainer. He started out at different dog schools, but didn’t like the common way of working with dogs. Because of this he founded his own dog school, where he offered lessons in smaller groups or privately. In 2018 he completed the course “Brainwork for dogs”. Jelte is also taking a further education as a dog behaviour expert with Laura Bangels – Dog behaviour centre.


Dog Trainer

Kelly grew up at home with a lot of foster dogs and volunteered at different animal shelters. With her own dogs she practiced Belgian obedience, clean boot hunting, canicross and mountain trips, but her real passion turned out to be agility. Since 2011 she has training and competition experience with different types of dogs. She has also supported some starting teams during training and competitions. The years in the different dog sports, made her realize that many dogs are injured because of a lack of good preparation for a sporting career. Kelly graduated as a vet small animals at the university of Ghent with a thesis “Veterinary aspects in agility”. Since then she studied the subject and did internships with various animal physiotherapists and dog (fitness) trainers. Meanwhile Kelly is following the additional training to become an animal physiotherapist.


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